Louis Mills Orishigane Tanto


Both blades are made with my oroshigane traditionally done. The shorter one is 9 3/4"  and the longer one is 11 5/8 " .Both blades are in itame hada.  The shorter one is a suguha hamon and has a lot of nice nie in it.  The longer blade is a choji hamon in nioi.  There is one very very tiny edge chip that came out at the very end of the polish. I don't think it detracts from the blade.

On the tang  on the ura ( date) side there is a small pit under the first character of the date.  I had to fill 2 holes that got drilled wrongly and the one didn't get completely filled and when I went to cut the kanji it dented it in.  Again I didn't want to chance a repair that late in the process and again don't think it is detrimental to the blade. 


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All available blades will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.  At the buyers request, the blade could be given a full art polish.

Preferred method of payment is money order or any major credit card through Paypal. Credit card purchases  will add an additional 4.5% processing fee for using Paypal.

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