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Togi Arts is dedicated to producing and promoting Japanese-style swords for the discriminating sword enthusiast who wants only high quality craftsmanship.  I specialize in polishing both modern and traditional Japanese swords made in the US and Japan. I hope you have a pleasant visit.  Check back again soon.

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Updates: 04/1/2015

Two New Louis Mills Orishigane Tanto.

I’m opening up my polishing services for Custom blades only to the public for a limited time. Email me for pricing and scheduling. Serious inquiries only please.

New Available blades for sale:

Louis Mills Orishigane Tanto               Louis Mills Tanto                       Louis Mills Orishigane Tachi

Bob Engnath Tachi                 Louis Mills Orishigane Tachi               Louis Mills Orishigane Tachi

See a couple of videos of Louis Mills folding a billet and heat treating a Katana.