Howard Clark

A good friend and the master smith behind Morgan Valley Forge, Howard specializes in Japanese-style blades that emphasize performance and function, but which also possess a beauty often characterized as “uniquely Howard.”   Although Howard will not be supplying blades to Togi Arts in an “official” capacity, he has given me his blessing to sell his blades here as I acquire them.  As such, Howard’s blades will not appear on the Available Swords page as often as I’d like, but I fully intend to feature them whenever possible.

Louis Mills

With over 25 years of bladesmithing experience, Louis Mills creates Japanese-style blades that so closely resemble authentic nihon-to, they have fooled a number of respected collectors, swordsmen, and industry professionals. This is due to Louis’ reliance on traditional Japanese bladesmithing methods, as well as using steel that is metallurgically similar to traditional tamahagane and orishigane which, in turn, results in blades that possess the visual characteristics and performance qualities normally associated only with genuine nihon-to. At present, Togi Arts is the sole distributor of Louis’ blades.