Available Swords

Louis Mills Orishigane Tachi

Made of Louis Mills Orishigane steel. Blade with copper habaki and in protective shirasaya. The blade is in inspection polish (by Louis Mills). 31 3/16 inch nagasa, Shinogi Zukuri, nio-deki midare suguha hamon, Mokume hada.


$8500 plus s/h On Consignment

Bob Engnath Tachi

31 inch mono steel, could most likely be 1050, Shinogi Zukuri. Gold plated copper Habaki, black ice patina fuchi/kashira/tsuba/kojiri  Ebi set by Patrick Hastings. The blade is in kaisei do and ready to be mounted.

$5450 plus s/h

Louis Mills Orishigane Wakizashi

This wakizashi was made by Louis Mills from homemade steel (oroshigane) in 2007.  It was polished by John De Mesa and mounted with copper habaki and shirasaya by Sam Rediske.  The bold dimensions, bonji and fancy grooves are characteristic of Louis’ later work.  The beauty of the steel can be seen in the photos.

Dimensions: Blade length 38cm (almost 15 inches), sori 7mm, width tapers from 35mm to 26 mm.

 康友作  – Yasutomo (Louis’ smith name = “Peace/Ease Friend”) Saku (made)

平成十九年一月  –  Heisei [era] 19th year, 1st Month = January 2007

$3500 plus s/h On Consignment

Barrett - Adachi Gasaku Tanto

–  This tanto is a gassaku ( collaboration) from one of Rick Barrett’s seminars.  Rick forged and ground the blade.  The student applied the clay under Rick’s supervision.  Then Rick performed the heat treating and final grinding.  Though made of tool steel, there is lots of activity of hamon.

Dimensions: Blade length 30.6cm (just over 12 inches), width at habaki


 俊久作  –  Toshihisa (Rick Barrett’s smith name) Saku (made)

足立   –  Adachi (student’s name)

平成二十年十月吉日   –  Heisei [era] 20th year, 10th Month, Lucky Day= Lucky Day in October 2008

$1500 plus s/h On Consignment